Are you worried about getting into volunteering? Do you have additional needs or want some extra support? We can help… 🔔

On this website, if an opportunity or organisation is suitable for volunteers with additional support needs, it will state so in the categories that it has tagged on it.

There is also an asterisk (*) on this tag so that if organisations wish to specify how much support they are able to provide, then they can do so by adding it to the bottom of their opportunities’ description.   Click here to view opportunities on the site that are suitable for people with additional needs.

When getting in touch with organisations, be sure to check with them that the role is suitable by confirming with them what support they are able to provide.

If you can’t find an opportunity or organisation that you think would be right for you, or if you don’t feel confident in getting in touch with them directly yourself, then be sure to get in touch with us at involve and we will help you find and get in touch with suitable organisations.

Alternatively, if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering but will need some help to get started, use our online referral form.  Our Supported Volunteering & Community Choices Coordinator will work to help you find and get into a suitable role.