Want to help out but don’t have a lot of time? ⏳

We’ve set up the Bracknell Volunteer Pool for those who want to be able to help out within the community when they can but don’t have the time to settle in to a permanent role. If you add your contact details to our database, then we’ll send out occasional updates on smaller tasks that need doing within the community.

This outreach programme will allow tasks across Bracknell Forest to get done faster & more efficiently, as we’ll be able to send out a group of random volunteers who are in our Volunteer Pool & who are available on the correct dates & time. It’s also a great way to meet new people within Bracknell!

Some examples of tasks that will be available for Poolers will include:

~ Painting fences
~ Cleaning graffiti
~ Weeding local footpaths in both rural & urban areas
~ Litter Picking
~ Stewarding running or cycling events
~ Completing surveys or questionnaires
~ Fundraising/Charity Collections
~ Admin/Media tasks that can be completed from home
~ …. and much more!!

All of these activities are examples, but the overall aim is to help our local council teams make the area a nicer place to live in & visit. There is no obligation for you to participate in these activities, you can just wait until one comes along that suits you!

So why not throw yourself in the volunteer pool now? Join hundreds of local people in making a difference locally.